Excerpt from Street Safe

Hey there. Thought I’d entertain ya, with a quick snippet from Street Safe. It’s still a little rough, but I hope you enjoy.

Street turned to pour another mug of java and the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. A warm, spicy floral scent teased and tightened his groin. He inhaled appreciatively. God a woman wearing perfume that provocative had to be just as alluring.
When he faced forward again, he barely stifled a groan. It was her. Full, luscious lips enticed him. Red was definitely her color. God he could just imagine her mouth wrapped around the length of him. His erection throbbed and strained against the crotch of his jeans in anticipation. For once he was thankful for wearing an apron and standing behind the counter.
Those lips curved into a siren’s smile and conjured steamy weekends in bed. He shoved the coffee in Miles’ general direction and ignored his friend’s chuckle.
“May I help you?”
Decadent perfection tilted her head to the side and the tantalizing silkiness of her hair cascaded over a bare shoulder. When he met her eyes, a muddy green, he nearly stopped breathing. Her! Only one woman he knew had hazel eyes. Surely the temptress standing before him wasn’t his very own masseuse? God, he didn’t even recognize her all dressed, with places to go. He drifted his gaze from head to toe. Damn, baby girl should leave her work smock at home. And now he couldn’t remember her name.
“I’m sorry I know you’re busy, but we’re having a little trouble finding our bartender.” Her sultry voice reminded him of satin sheets and candlelight. If she wanted to haunt his fantasies, then he would definitely make them a reality. What did he have to do to get her in bed?
“I’m the bartender.”
She arched a perfectly shaped brow. “For the bachelorette party?” She glanced around. “You seem pretty busy right here.”
He grinned. “I’ll get the first round started and then I’ll be at your beck and call. I’m Street by the way.”
She lowered her lashes before meeting his gaze. “I know, although I always preferred Rue. Have you been avoiding me?”
Stunned, he stepped back. Yeah, in a way he had. His last few visits he’d requested another massage therapist, one who didn’t arouse. And she was the only one he allowed to call him by his hated given name. Something about the his name rolled off her tongue made him want to hear her say it in an darkened room while she was naked. Damn. All these fantasies and he still couldn’t recall her name. It started with an ‘N’ and it wasn’t common “Really? Well I didn’t think you’d notice. How do you say your name, again?”
“Beautiful name.”
She inclined her head, but not before he’d seen her pretty pout. His smooth recovery wasn’t smooth enough.
“I think a bunch of fruity drinks will suit them just fine. I’ll have a cranberry juice.” She rested her fingertips on the counter, her nails, painted in the same stunning red as her lipstick, were just the perfect length. He could already imagine the way they’d feel scraping along the muscles of his back.
It was his turn to raise an eyebrow. “Nothing stronger?”
“Designated driver. Thanks.” She pushed off the bar and sashayed away.
Damn, baby girl had a body on her.
“A bib would keep your shirt from getting wet,” Auggie said.
Street closed his mouth. “Whatever.”
“The woman’s been stroking your leg for months and you forget her name?” Auggie shook his head. “Real smooth, nephew. Real smooth.”
“Ain’t it time for you to go home to your girlfriend?”
He shrugged. “Ask her. She’s sitting over in the corner with a group of her friends.”
Street swung his gaze to the far corner of the room. Sure enough Na’arah was headed toward them. She stood just in front of younger woman with a sequined gold top.
“I guess I will.”


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