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Have You Arrived?

So here we are again. Me writing a blogpost that may or may not be read, but it’s cool. There are thousands of blogs out there and I’m just a ripple in the ocean. So I’m going through updating websites and blogs, trying to figure out where I should put my works-in-progress. At the moment I only have a couple and quite a few scheduled.

However there are five releases over the next three months. Part of me wants to see if I can get more, while another says that’s more than enough. Yeah. That’s enough I think.

Keep an eye out for the Passionate Cook cookbook. Very excited about that. Also, if you’ve read Mistletoe Mambo last year, it’s being released as a single short Oct. 30. That was my first ever interracial story. And of course Love’s Deadly Touch will arrive on Oct. 15.

Oh and I had a book pirated or as my sister said, “bootlegged.” She also says I’ve arrived since I’ve now been bootlegged.

Don’t know if I agree with that one, but God has always provided and He has a way of getting rid of my enemies.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Romantic 



I’m a Passionate Cook

It was such a rush getting that email from All Romance saying they’d selected my recipe. There were a ton of submissions and to be selected was just great.

The cookbook will be out October 1 and guess what? It’s free!

And There was Scandal

Oh yes small towns are fraught with scandal and none was bigger than the Sugar Scandal in Milan, Michigan.

This is a really neat little thing I learned as I toured Hack house Olive Freund (Friend) and her husband defrauded investors and when her husband died, she moved from New York to Michigan.

This is Hack House.

One of the fireplaces

Just a  little taste of history that I  included in  Street Safe, releasing Friday from Evernight Publishing.