Have You Arrived?

So here we are again. Me writing a blogpost that may or may not be read, but it’s cool. There are thousands of blogs out there and I’m just a ripple in the ocean. So I’m going through updating websites and blogs, trying to figure out where I should put my works-in-progress. At the moment I only have a couple and quite a few scheduled.

However there are five releases over the next three months. Part of me wants to see if I can get more, while another says that’s more than enough. Yeah. That’s enough I think.

Keep an eye out for the Passionate Cook cookbook. Very excited about that. Also, if you’ve read Mistletoe Mambo last year, it’s being released as a single short Oct. 30. That was my first ever interracial story. And of course Love’s Deadly Touch will arrive on Oct. 15.

Oh and I had a book pirated or as my sister said, “bootlegged.” She also says I’ve arrived since I’ve now been bootlegged.

Don’t know if I agree with that one, but God has always provided and He has a way of getting rid of my enemies.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Romantic 



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