Soapbox Rant-Time

I started these rants on Facebook, sometime ago. I needed a way to vent my frustration and still remain professional. Sometimes these rants will make you laugh, sometimes they may make you angry  and hopefully they will always make you think. From time to time, I’ll share the rants on my blog at least the ones I deem too much for Facebook. So prepare yourself. As always, you’ve been warned.

*steps on soapbox taps microphone* There are many things that a career minded author juggles, day/night jobs, family, promo, marketing, word counts, deadlines, low/high sales, rejection, acceptance, sickness, locust, floods, fires and Acts of God. Sometimes writing must take a backseat until life smooths out and there’s nothing wrong with that. However when life takes over and you’re caught unprepared, maybe it’s time to take a step back and reevaluate what’s going on. Have you taken on more responsibility than time truly allows. Sometimes you have to say ‘no’ and often waiting to the last minute to do something is an indicator that you could be overwhelmed or you haven’t managed your time. Yes, mistakes happen, I make them all the time and learn from them. If I think I’m gonna miss my mark, you better believe I’m telling somebody. I demand the best, because I strive to give you my best. *steps off soapbox and trips over microphone cord* I’m okay.


4 thoughts on “Soapbox Rant-Time

  1. You should have seen the spectacular stumble I took over a cord on Halloween.

    I, too, understand about life’s responsibilities. Getting the Tots to raise has taken a big chunk out of my plans. I cannot guarantee deadlines, or even remembering when I promise a blog. So, for the time being I am going independent. It was not my first choice, but I would rather take my time than miss a deadline. When you are working with others, they depend on you to keep your promises, and promises are hard to keep when you have a greater responsibility to those dependent on you.

    (Sorry about the whining.)

    • That’s a valid point, Carolyn about promises and people depending on them. They way my life has been lately, I’ve been thinking of dropping out of a few things because I’m not able to maintain the same schedule as before. P.S. I didn’t detect any whining.

  2. Great post and I too am going to have to drop out of a few things. I’m trying to think of a nice email to send to a group moderator because I just can’t do my best.

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