Indulging the Muses

I love indulging the menage in my head. I’ve been blessed with three lovely, sexy and fabulous muses. Two males and a female.

Bristol-laid back and romantic. I love his thoughtfulness

Kincaid-he’s my resident bad boy and has a dark side. He’s been loose that last few months šŸ™‚

Amethyst-She’s a pin-up model and keeps the other two in lineā€¦when it suits her.

The Muses have been very gracious this year, giving me wonderful stories like Lust and Bound, Safe Street, Love’s Deadly Touch, Mistletoe Blues and Winters’ Thaw.

Keep an eye out for a Wrestling Series coming from Whispers Publishing and I’m already working on lots of Ā things for next year. Another horror story. Books 4 and 5 in the Wrestling series, A Valentine’s story, a couple of full-lengths and whatever else the Muses decide to do.



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